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Lifetime Warranty and Conditions

10 Year Lifetime Warranty


  • Northern warrants that each door is free of manufacturing and / or material defects for the 10 year period (lifetime of the product) under normal use and service, subject to the limitations and conditions described herein.

  • This warranty covers only manufacturing and material defects and does not cover defects or damages caused from faulty installation and / or
    other non-manufacturing or material defects described herein.


  • These warranties only apply in respect to products used strictly for the purpose they were intended.

  • Northern’s liability is limited solely and exclusively to repair or replace at the option of Northern Lights & Doors Inc.

  • Northern reserves the right to discontinue or change any door and / or door product(s) that were previously manufactured but that has now become obsolete from our suppliers.

  • No warranty work will be done without the customer providing proof of purchase.


  • •All steel door panels will come with a 10 year limited warranty and will not warp, buckle, rust or delaminate in normal residential use.


  • Our grained door panels will come with a 20 year limited warranty and will not warp, buckle, dent or delaminate in normal residential use.

  • Our smooth door panels will come with a 10 year limited warranty and will not warp, dent or delaminates in normal residential use. Small imperfections may be noticeable when painting smooth fibreglass panels and are not considered a defect in the workmanship.


  • All sealed units will have a 10 year pro-rated manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure.

  • Minor caming discolourations, over time, are characteristics of all fine hand crafted glass and are not to be considered defects. Standard industry rule is that imperfections must be visible from a distance of 3 feet in order to be considered an imperfection.

  • Glass breakage is not covered under warranty.


  • All hardware will come with a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 5 year finish warranty. Premier Series will come with a lifetime mechanical and lifetime finish warranty. Northern will supply (but not service) a new replacement lock from the manufacturer.


  • Factory painting and staining will come with a 5 year warranty against peeling, imperfections or uneven discolourations in the paint or stain.

  • Exposure to sunlight, air pollutants and normal atmosphere conditions may cause paint / stain to fade. This is not covered. Please see below for exclusions.

  • Stained doors should have a clear coat applied every 2 years to maintain the richness of the stain

  • Using these products behind a storm door will cause damage from excessive heat build up, which will damage frame and will void warranty.

The following are excluded from coverage under these warranties:

  • Labor Costs ( after 1 year).

  • Air or water leakage or any other damage or malfunctions due to improper installations.

  • Use of door system for a purpose not intended by the manufacturer.

  • Damage from cleaning with harmful solutions.

  • Exposures to sunlight, air pollutants and normal atmosphere conditions that may cause vinyl surfaces to gradually fade, chalk or have an accumulation of surface dirt or stains. These are normal occurrences and are not covered under these warranties.

  • Any damage caused by wind, hail, lightning or other acts of nature, intentional acts, accidents, negligence or exposure to harmful handling or installing.

  • Condensation on inside of doors which occurs as the natural result of humidity within the house or building area and any change in outside / inside temperatures.

  • Using these products behind a storm door will null and void warranty due to excessive heat build up.

  • Warranty will be null and void if product is altered or modified in any way.

A fee will be charged for any inspection determined not to be the responsibility of Northern Lights & Doors Inc. No service work will be performed unless products are paid in full and account is current.


  • Northern Lights will service all products for 1 year. After 1 year Northern Lights will supply only (but not service) any new replacement parts that are covered under warranty by the original manufacturer.


  • Clean all surfaces using a clean, damp cloth. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.

  • Weatherstripping may become damaged or worn over time and contributes to heat loss and air infiltration in your door system. Check weather stripping to make sure it is not damaged or worn. If it is, you can contact your Northern Lights dealer to purchase replacement weatherstripping.

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